As scared as we are to leave the comfort of the big ole walls of the church, that’s what is going to be attempted.

During this whole process of kicking this off, the main focus has been on God and being Spirit-led. 

Prayer and prayer and prayer have been sought. The Spirit keeps speaking, what are you scared of, no faith, no trust. Humble yourself and just love people how you can.
That’s what we as a collaborative believe; edify people, glorify God and preach the name of Jesus.



We would love to tell you that this is fully planned and the direction is known but that’s not the case. If that was then there would be no room for God. An idea is in front of us but that could change. What is wanted though is to connect people to Christ, whether you believe or not?

We will provide downloadable prints of all art on the site but also be willing to give away the original whenever God leads us to. That could range from anything, door to door, assisted living, hospitals, those neighbors across the tracks, who knows.
We sure don’t!

We will work on getting prints into prisons, rehabs, hospitals. Maybe get some art festivals into assisted living communities and get the residents involved with HCC.

There are endless avenues for us to reach! Let us know your thoughts!

Let’s beLight

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