We may never meet but we will one day

If you want to be involved please provide us with a quality picture of your God based art. Please also if you attend a church include that information and we will add a link on the joinUs section for people to check out. Not everyone may have a church!

Also if you feel like you know people who would be interested in participating, please spread the word. The more Jesus gets preached the more glorified God is. Let us just humble ourselves and trust God to work.

Please pitch this to your school, work, church, community or wherever.  Do you have any ideas on how to use this ministry spit it to us and let God lead!!!! Blessings

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By The Way...

We reserve the right to reject any art if the content doesn’t portray the message of Jesus the Savior. This is not an art competition, so if you are concerned that your work is not “good enough”, please do not be. God knows where your heart is and where the art was produced from, if you are sincere; that will come through when we receive it.