What Is this other than just a long name?


What is HisCreation Collaborative other than just a long name? Without sounding too much, we are not what’s important. God is the point, glorifying Him is the whole point. We too often make ministering a complicated task that only those with the gift of gab can do.

Jesus gave the believers a simple task,

paraphrasing here ( look it up yourself)

go tell the world about Me.


The local church like probably many others wanted to involve others to join in the worship. They tried with art, a few individuals really became enthralled with God’s word and putting their heart into worshipping God with the whole process of telling God’s story. We have seen God being glorified by seeing the faces of believers gaze at the finished product, it bugs me to say art piece. An uneasy feeling has always sat with me though, the hands that produced the product got the well-meaning praise. As much as that is loved, the Almighty Creator is put in the background. Too many compliments (real or not) run the risk of causing us to believe we have done more than Jesus has. These productions may be beautiful and uplifting but nothing compares.

All We are REALLY doing is…

All that this ministry is doing is telling the good news of Jesus in another way. God art will be turned into downloadable content for all. HCC will not post any names to the work, as that isn’t important. This is also open to believers who want to worship their Creator. We know we are forgetting something but hey, we’re human.